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Psychotherapy with Clare

I believe that psychotherapy must do more than engage the mind. When we experience the world, we do so through our body. We live, think and breathe as a body. To be more available for life and to live it to the full, we need to be in touch with our body. I work with the body, the breath, and physical symptoms - as well as with thoughts, memories and emotions.

Therapy allows for the exploration of unresolved developmental issues, emotional issues and other psychological difficulties. The way that I work may be of particular benefit if you have been affected by grief, trauma, chronic illness, anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. You may suffer from persistent physical symptoms that are often difficult to explain medically, or you could be experiencing difficulties in relating to others or have a general sense of disconnection from the world and those around you.

My formal qualifications are in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Movement Psychotherapy. If you are specifically interested in exploring either, we can certainly do so. However, although these are important influences to my work, I offer a much wider range of experience and understanding in other therapeutic approaches and personal growth. I bring my embodied presence and authentic self to create an accepting and safe environment for the healing process. Principally I work with you, what you bring and what is present in the moment.

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