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Movement Psychotherapy

Working with movement transcends some of the limitations of words. We can get stuck in talking about our feelings - or it can all become just too much of an effort. We can get caught up in our internal dialogue; thoughts, beliefs and judgements we have about ourselves, others, the world. By shifting our focus of attention, we can shift our energy and so connect more fully to our moving and sensing self.

Habitual patterns of movement may relate to early periods of development. The body speaks not only of the immediate moment, but of past body-held memories. Exploring early imprints in a mindful way through movement, rhythm and play, can help free us from the grip of the past, creating more energy for living in the present.

This therapeutic approach can often be helpful in gaining insights into patterns of behaviour which may no longer serve us - that hold us back or get in the way of relating to others. In our daily lives we are constantly responding and reacting - be it at work, at home, or in our relationships. As we pay more attention to our internal world, we begin to respond in different ways....


"Something stirs. An impulse comes from within and I let it happen as it will. I respond in my unique way, with my unique self-expression. This is who I am. I give it breath, space, form. I give it life. In this moment I create myself."

Dance movement psychotherapy is also a 'way in' to accessing our innate creativity. Movement can be spontaneous and improvisational, encouraging a playful experimentation with the imagination.

But what if life doesn't flow so easily? Responding and relating just isn't flowing? There's no energy? Or energy feels stuck, blocked? You may feel stuck or in a cut-off place and not feel very much at all. Connecting to others and the world may all be too much. Just to share how this is for you; to be seen, to be heard, to be understood may be enough for you. Or simply have space to 'be' - not to have to talk... to think... to do... to move...

Whatever it is that brings you, you are welcome. You may not know what brings you - you are also welcome. You are welcome just as you are.

I also offer a women's movement therapy group - see Womens Group.

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